Women and Labor in World War I

World war I included all parts of society:  men, women, and children.  Each played their respective roles.  While many people tend to focus on Men and their respective efforts, one cannot leave out the role women played and the direct impact the war had on families.  Women supported the military effort as nurses, factory wrokers, female auxiliaries, and farm workers.

From the beginning of the war, women used sewing and knitting to produce handmade items for the soldiers.

It may surprise you to know that the Sewing machine has been around for hundreds of years.  Isaac Singer put out his first patent for a sewing machine model in 1851.  The Singer’s first ever machine was bulky, slow, and somewhat difficult to operate.  Fastforward to the 21st century where you have models like the Singer 7258 which gets a favorable review by Consumer Choice.

Of course, women were always expected to keep the home in tact.  The vacuum cleaner itself as opposed to the sewing machine came a bit later.  Any rug would normally be beaten manually outside to get rid of dust and dirt.  There was no such thing as the canister vac like this current Panasonic model.  People had to tweak and fix their equipment if something wasn’t right instead of relying on some product review.
Rationing became the norm for women leavin very little for their families.  German, Russian, and even British women faced limits on what they gave to their families.

FAA is slowed down for Immediate testing of overweight Pilots

The house voted to halt the Federal Aviation Administration’s actions to test overweight pilots and air-traffic controllers for sleep disorders.

The FAA cannot require tests right then on sleep conditions if the pilot meets a weight or neck measurement.  A legal bill could take several months or even years to pass.

Why is this a major concern you ask?
Overweight or obese pilots could suffer from sleep apnea which could hinder their performance at work.  This could prove dangerous at work if pilots and air-traffic controllers fall asleep at work.  We already know that a good portion of the workforce is overweight.  As we are getting closer to the end of the year, more and more featured Lipozene reviews as well as Hydroxycut reviews and ads will keep popping up.  I just saw a phen375 review ad recently where people where touting its benefits.  Some of these hypey phen375 customer reviews are enough to make anyone a believer.  Phen375 is one of the many popular weight loss drugs out there.

The problem lies with the assumption that all overweight people could have sleep apnea or some other serious sleep disorder.  It is just an assumption and does not have a basis for actual ancedotal evidence to back it up. While sleep disorders can be very serious, they may need to do some further testing to see if a pilot or air traffic controller is at risk.